Can a man be so poor?

He watches through the glass window

Sees all that could be his

But is not

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Can a man be so poor?

He watches the couple walk by

Hand in hand, raidiating love

But He walks with cold wind by his side

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Could a man be so poor

Laughter echoes from the bassinet

His heart ignites

Memory turned to ash in the fire of ’98

A child laughing in her pram Stock Photo - Alamy

For what is a man without a heart

Without Love

A family of Ash

Can a man be so poor that he can’t afford these?

Russian Roulette

One bullet, five holes

Will it be Anger?

That scavenges my soul

Leaving nothing whole

Pull the trigger

Maybe it will be something sinister

Hoping for a disaster

But disguised as the minister

One bullet, four holes, one turn

Perhaps it will be sorrow

Who come to borrow

That which he never returns

Leaving you empty and hollow

Pull the trigger

For it may be Heartbreak

That sends you to the grave

For you thought he was the one you would save

One bullet, three holes

The four deadliest are left

One is Despair

Depression takes up two

But the last is the Unknown

Keep playing the game

You can’t stop once you start

Round and Round

You against you – only one will make the cut.

No strings attached

I’ll wear my mask if you’ll wear yours
We won’t keep scores
And I’ll be vain
Pretend you’re drowning in pain

We’ll dance to the tune
“Killing me softly”
It’ll be over soon
Nothing too costly

It’s not going to be complicated
You’ll notice and not say a word
Tomorrow I’ll be gone
No note, no number, nothing

It’ll be too late
I could have saved you
You could have saved me
But that wouldn’t be “no strings attached”

Racism for the COVID-student

Starts with a “bad cheque”
Next thing he knew – Police cars, cops and hand-cuffs
Resistance landed him face flat on the ground
Like a blood-thirsty hound
A knee was placed on his neck to keep him down.

So the story continues
“Please” (pleading curtesy) – we saw two armed men against one
“I can’t breathe” – the video became a viral infection.
That’s not the worst part
“They’re going to kill me” – and they arrested his heart
Then the status updates began…

That’s when you became “that cop” (there were two)
You took action against the wrong man
For spectators, you got down on one knee
“Aww, a marriage proposal” or was it a plea?
You held the ring tightly, hoping she’d say “Yes” and stay complacent

George Floyd was his name
How do you stand up for him, petition after petition, post after post?
And that’s not what hurts the most.
Droping out of school due to failure to complete online exams,
You become the “standing cop” – watching, impassive
No one says anything, no status update, no post, no noise
We move on.

It’s a marriage proposal gone wrong
Your nonchalance is suffocating her
“I can’t breathe”
But you hold tighter to the rings of her Trachea
Implying “You will die here”
With ideologies and fallacies that she’ll manage exams on an empty stomach
That she’ll manage even though COVID means no electricity, no water, and no income

“They’re going to kill me”

How is it so easy to speak for a man you barely knew?
Simply because he “kind of” looked like you
Yet there is injustice in your home
For a person who is “exactly like” you
Your attitude is “screw you”
And you killed him.

Life of a Medical Student

Everything seems to diverge into a complex myriad of jargon. This is university – one idea has a million meanings – each of them right and each of them wrong. Your knowledge is questioned and you have no idea who you are anymore. In fact you trudge through the days wondering if this was the freedom and the love they promised. The love of your life – you look at him – he smiles – you look away and remind yourself that “you don’t have time”. You cannot afford to fail! It hurts – but even for such mere emotions, you are not capable of sparing the mental nor physical strength. “This is not life”, you sigh knowing that regardless of the turmoil, the target must be reached.

He smiles- you look away…

Like a paradox, this is the best time of your life. Because what you don’t realize is that, the extreme lows, make the highs heightened. Your thoughts are arrested but yet liberated to a world of possibilities. They tell you that the truth will set you free but first you must be it’s captive. So even though it’s bad, you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the word, because when it’s good, it’s Great! Nothing compares to the thrill. The rush. This is not life. This is the dream!

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