Don’t Scream.

The words left his mouth like words leaving the mouth of a mother cautioning her child but yet I received them as though they came from a stern army veteran. His words tapped into my ears like the rain taps on a window on an inky night. His feet inched forward until they made contact with my heels. I was determined to be a good ruler as I attempted to increase the distance between us. I creased my forehead- zeroing in on every syllable uttered- but my nose was sending distress signals. That was the same musk that clung to my psychopathic step-father. Could that be him?

The mechanical movement of his jaws – up, down, up, down- like a broken record stuck on repeat, finally found a resting position.  If one could see the electrocardiogram of my heart at the moment, on would only see a flat line. An object, I could only imagine belonged in butchery, found its ice-cold tip outlining the general direction of my vertebrae.  Desperate not to miss anything, I clung to his every action. “Don’t scream”, he whispered an immediately I begun the long and tedious battle of maintaining the silence.

NB: The title of this piece is credited to my English teacher.


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