Unseen Hero

Wednesday, 12 October 2016 around 16:52:40

Prize giving day, or as they call it, Speech Day – I’m sitting assured that I’m getting a prize. In essence it all boils down to five years of work for five seconds of fame. Though the journey is tedious, fastidious and horrendous at times, five seconds is all one needs, it is enough for one to feel the world of emotions. In those five seconds on that stage the world of eternal emotions wash over you- you laugh, you cry, you are filled with immense pride but still manage to pull it all off looking calm, composed and dignified. Sitting back down after your five seconds of fame, you look down and the award ,you so badly deserved. It glistens and shimmers with the sweat of your brow yet manages to smile at you saying ‘well done’. For a moment you think, “But how? “ Like a tentative whisper from your three year old daughter before she falls into a deep slumber, it is revealed to you that it was by God’s grace that you made it that far. Cradled upon your lap is the trophy, with the title “Best O’ Level Biology” facing towards the firmaments, which you only then realize doesn’t belong to you but belongs truly the creator of all, God. It was a trophy for a God. Thank You God.

What I learned today:

While I got a trophy other people got prizes like folders that they would keep forever. The trophy was to be returned. In that I learned it’s not about being the hero that everyone can see, its more about believing that you are the hero even if no one can see it.


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