life, yarn

Life – when the yarn ends.

We are all born as a ball of yarn whose only detail is the brand- your name personality, what makes

you who you are. The tapestry of the sky is ours for the taking and ours for the making. Or maybe we

are the type of people who are neither overtly intricate nor grand and we much rather prefer

making the small things such as trinkets and promise rings. Maybe yet still we are inclined to string

our yarn along and see where it takes us.

Whatever we decide to do with our yarn is entirely a personal decision. This decision however must

not be deliberated upon lightly as not one soul knows the length of their yarn. Once it ends. There is

no undoing the garment at the seams.

Some of us are like the yarn unwound by a kitten. We have elaborate plans that twist and turn in all

directions. We help people here, make others happy there and listen to someone else somewhere.

For a moment life is good and like an excited kitten with yarn we drive forward, sure that we are

making a difference- and even if we are not we’ve got the drive and we are happy. Then there comes

a point when we face one failure too many, when the people we helped neglect saying “thank you”

and the ones we listened to won’t hear us out. The sun does not go to sleep in our world but stands

high in the sky reminding us of our past glory days. The steam we had with in us becomes water and

we move more slowly and deliberate like an overfilled wine glass. Our energy runs out as the kitten

tires of the yarn and walks away. What then do we do? Do we sit wallowing, drowning, suffocating

in misery until the owner of the yarn comes to realise the mess the kitten has achieved and severs

off the damaged piece of yarn? In the end all that would have amounted was a half chased dream, a

half built house or maybe even a half made sweater that does no justice to its owner.

On the contrary when the hard times hit and we have no one else but the heart in our chests

pounding for us against all odds that is when we should knit even harder. We should knit our

troubles into our yarn masterpiece. Turning a different direction, changing the pattern or even the

purpose of your yarn is neither a sin nor a problem. It only goes to show how creative an artist we

are when we’re done with our piece of yarn. Thomas Edison changed his patterns 99 times before

his piece of yarn said, “light bulb” in the right style, font and colour.

Leonardo da Vinci’s yarn probably resembled the Last Supper painting. When we look at his final at

his yarn masterpiece we smile and marvel in its beauty, majesty and grandeur. Michael Jackson’s

piece of yarn staged a singer- one who will never be forgotten. For a child already with the angels

their yarn says ballerina or judo master. For others it may say “great mother”, “loving teacher”,

“welcoming workmate” or “helpful classmate”. When the yarn ends what will yours say? Will it be

the severed piece of yarn from a displeased owner or that of a finished sweater glorifying its owner?


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