Life of a Medical Student

Everything seems to diverge into a complex myriad of jargon. This is university – one idea has a million meanings – each of them right and each of them wrong. Your knowledge is questioned and you have no idea who you are anymore. In fact you trudge through the days wondering if this was the freedom and the love they promised. The love of your life – you look at him – he smiles – you look away and remind yourself that “you don’t have time”. You cannot afford to fail! It hurts – but even for such mere emotions, you are not capable of sparing the mental nor physical strength. “This is not life”, you sigh knowing that regardless of the turmoil, the target must be reached.

He smiles- you look away…

Like a paradox, this is the best time of your life. Because what you don’t realize is that, the extreme lows, make the highs heightened. Your thoughts are arrested but yet liberated to a world of possibilities. They tell you that the truth will set you free but first you must be it’s captive. So even though it’s bad, you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the word, because when it’s good, it’s Great! Nothing compares to the thrill. The rush. This is not life. This is the dream!

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